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"After working with Kathy on other initiatives, I reached out to her to be a key member of our Advisory Board because she brings discipline, endurance and stamina to an initiative...and this underplays her talents and connections" - Roderick Smyth, TempBuddy (eRecruit), Dublin


What I bring to clients is the "how to's" and connections in order to implement whatever is needed for the growth of their business. It is about enabling clients to implement their ideas and focus on execution...and connections. And I do this via a 120 day process to learn about you and your business, create a 90 day sales/marketing plan together and check in regularly as to progress and refinements. (See next page for details.)


"No one walks away from time with Kathy without actionable insights that produce unprecedented results for their enterprise."  Deborah Haust, now at City Seed, Baltimore


It is a valuable service for solopreneurs or partners, who want to re-energize their business initiatives. There is a focus on where their business is now in terms of clients and revenues, then being very practical about what can be achieved within the resources (primarily time) available.

Please reach out to discuss your specific needs and desires further. 



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