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And the clients share:

"Most important, I learned the importance of focus, especially when there are so few hours in a week when I can actually work. I am a mom who works and the balancing of my 4 children with the work I love is truly a monumental task.

Kathy was tremendously helpful in supporting where I was and offering me tools to move my business forward. The scope of my work and potential clients has narrowed. She helped me see the option of redefining a lifestyle business into a profitable business with exceptional growth. Her coaching helped me to focus on the current and potential clients, how to connect with them to develop business and how to leverage other work so my income is not just based on hourly fees.

The work with Kathy has also included honing basic marketing and sales skills. The bi-weekly calls brought a new discipline to examining the potential of my business. We may have to create a follow-up agreement."Tiffany Taylor Smith, Culture Learning Partners

"As a very creative person, the ability to focus on the creation of a business is not an activity that comes naturally to me. With my high level of energy, my efforts for Helix Agency were scattered - working with clients, creating a video, writing a proposal, designing a new product idea, sharing thoughts with my intern, etc. I had no plan other than to keep the clients happy and therefore, make a few dollars. Kathy is all about focus. Partnering with her has brought focus to me on learning the skill sets needed to execute on leading Helix as a business as well as delivering the creative work to our clients.

The first skill has been to develop the ability to evaluate current clients, define aspects of desired potential clients and plan how to approach these potential firms. Another has been the ability to manage my time and the individuals working with me. One simple step was to just schedule one hour each day to work on activities related to Helix Agency rather than being in 24x7 mode on client work. This has led to addressing basics such as creation of templates, partnership listings, tasks for others to complete and other needed items. The hours I spend now on my business and my clients is focused. The result is more business with less stress...doubling my revenue.

At Helix Agency, we serve our clients by designing content strategy, writing and producing content and executing across all media and social channels. At McMorran Strategists, they serve their clients by partnering with creative service providers, such as us, to bring a business discipline to their businesses." - Justin Racz, Helix Agency

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